Based in China, New Fashion Plastic Products Co. Ltd. visions to impress the international market with an array of stylish and sleek media storage solutions, including CD racks, DVD towers, briefcases & game shelves, in an affordable way.

New Fashion's management team sets sight on worldwide marketplace and is determined to launch the company up to the global stage. The team, with forward-thinking mind, is striving to unleash full potential and efficiency of our production units and minimize operation costs. That's why we are able to offer our solutions in very competitive prices, and more importantly, without sacrificing quality.

We tried our very best to source materials. That's why we chose first-class raw materials imported from overseas to ensure our products' quality and durability.

New Fashion also puts heavy emphasis on design. We have a team of designer talent who conducts extensive research on trend and monitors the market closely, so we always make prompt response to changes in market trend. Moreover, the team combines aesthetics, creative, function as well as customers' opinions so as to produce exceptional products which fit into various kinds of apartments and offices and satisfy your needs.

Designers' best partner, our production team, turned developed creative concepts into end products. Their bonding is tight and efficient in our bid of achieving on time delivery as well as superior quality.

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